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Standard Deviation, Mean, Median, Mode, Variance, Coefficient of Variation

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About The Calculator

Standard deviation calculator computes with step-by-step mean, media, mode, standard deviation, variance and coefficient of variation of sample data. The standard deviation or deviation is a concept that measures how spread out a set of numbers is from its mean.

How Statistics Calculator Works

Using The Calculator

  • Enter your datasets separated by a SPACE

Inside the Calculator’s Brain

  • Calculate mean, media and mode of datasets with steps
  • Computes the standard deviation of a sample with step by by step worksheet
  • Calculates the coefficient of variation with steps.
  • Calculates range of data, coefficient of range, coefficient of media and mode.
  • Use this calculator to find the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation of data. It’s super simple to use!
  • Want to know what the most common values are in your data? This calculator can help you find that out quick!
  • Need to calculate a lot of statistics? This handy tool is just what you need! It’s simple to use, and it will save you time.

Calculate without Compromise.

With the new statistics calculator, you can quickly and easily obtain precise statistics of sample data such as mean, media, mode, standard deviations, variance and coefficient of variation. With its step-by-step algorithm, you’ll always get accurate and precise results and be sure that you have made the correct calculations.
Let the new Standard Deviation Calculator become your go-to for obtaining precise and exact results. Enjoy fast calculations with the assurance that you are calculating accurately every single time.
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