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What is Mathcrave?

Mathcrave is a free online equation solver that helps students struggling with minor or complex math problems solve problems that require clear step-by-step solutions. Solving an equation is one of the most satisfying experiences in mathematics. It is a great way to sharpen your skills and improve your problem-solving skills. Mathcrave is an equation solver, a step-by-step math solution, and an algebra tutor that helps you solve any number of equations.

What is in it for you?

This site provides step-by-step math answers to many math problems on (pre and advanced) algebra, areas, and volumes. It enables students to become more flexible and adaptive in learning an easy way to solve matrices, calculus (differentiation and integration), graphs, statistics, probability, geometry, and trigonometry.

What is math cheat sheet?

The platform provides a simplistic approach with a detailed clean math-cheat sheet generator with steps and formulas. The goal is to help every student receive the highest-quality mathematics learning opportunities independently using the tool.

How about school work?

Mathcrave wants you to feel connected and inclusive with no-string attached by providing free support on your math assignment. Usually, it takes 14 hours to get a solution depending on the number of requests received daily.


Mathcrave Equation Solver provides mathematical learning tools to help students establish a concrete understanding of problem-solving from grade school to university level for free.

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