Angle Between Two Vectors in a 2D Space Solver with Steps

About The Calculator

Use this calculator to compute the angle between two vectors in a 2D space. A 2D Vector is a vector geometry in 2-dimensions running from point A (tail) to point B (head). Each vector has a magnitude (or length) and direction and can be calculated by taking the square root of the sum of each components in space.

How The Angle Between 2 Vectors Calculator Works

Using The Calculator

  • Enter the values of each vector assuming you are working with vectors in this form


  • Enter the corresponding values for each and
  • Hit the equal orange button to generate the worksheet.

Inside the Calculator’s Brain

  • Calculate the angle between 2 vectors in a 2d space using the formula

formula of vectors in 2d

  • Determine the dot product of the two given vectors


dot product

  • Find the magnitude of the vectors


magnitude of vector

  • Apply the formula by substituting the dot product and magnitude of the vectors where applicable


  • Simplify the expression and find the acos of the result


  • Express the final result in radians or degree,



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