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Profit and Loss Calculator

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About The Calculator

A profit and loss calculator helps businesses calculate their profit and loss. Useful for calculating amount gain or loss in small business, personal and investment. This tool tells you how much gain in percentages from transactional activity on a set schedule.

How The Profit and Loss Calculator Works

Use the calculator to calculate the profit or loss of a product, company or business and find the loss or gain earned from a transaction that require a selling and buying of particular items

  • Enter the cost of a product into CP box
  • Input the selling price of the product into SP box
  • Hit the equal purple button

Inside The Calculator’s Brain

  • Selling  Price  – Cost Price = Gain or Profit
  • If the selling price is lesser than the cost price, it returns a loss
  • If the selling price of a product is greater than the cost price, it returns a gain or profit.
  • The percentage of loss or gain is also computed by dividing the profit or loss by the selling price and multiply the quotient(result) by 100%

Profit and Loss Basics

Keep an eye on your profits and losses.
Do you ever feel like you don’t have control over the profits and losses of your business? With the Profit and Loss Calculator, you can quickly and easily track your financial activity, gain insights, and ultimately, take control of your profits and losses.
Analyzing your Profit and Loss account regularly helps you to understand your performance, plan more effectively, identify financial problems in your business, and allows you to keep tabs on your cash flow. Take your financial knowledge to the next level with the Profit and Loss Calculator.
Find out what kind of impact the Profit and Loss Calculator can have on your business by trying it out today. Get insight, predict trends and be in charge of your business.

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