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Solves permutation using \[^nP_r=\frac{n!}{\left(n-r\right)!} \]

permutation solver

permutation solver calculator

Permutation solver is a calculator that prints out the number of ways that an integer can be arranged in an array.This calculator solves the problem of calculating the number of ways (permutations) of arranging n objects in a set, in r (n P r) time.
Solves permutation using the formula below.
permutation formula
Where n = total number of objects in the set, and r = number of choosing objects from the set.


Solve P(10, 8)

Step 1

Enter 10 into box marked "n" and 8 into the box marked "r"


Hit the check mark to solve permutation.

Permutation Basics (Permutation Solver Concept)

  • Permutation is a mathematical concept that deals with the number of different arrangements or orderings of n objects. It is a fundamental part of combinatorics, which is the study of finite or countable discrete structures. Permutations are useful in many fields such as mathematics, computer science, and engineering.

  • Permutations can be used to determine the number of ways in which n objects can be arranged in a set. For example, if there are three objects A, B and C, then there are six possible permutations: ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB and CBA. This makes permutation an important tool for solving various problems related to counting and probability.

permutation formula
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