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LCM, HCF, Prime Factorization Calculator

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About The Calculator

LCM, HCF, Prime Factorization calculator finds lowest common multiples(LCM), highest common factors (HCF) and prime factorization of a set of numbers. Enter your set of data, with each number separated by comma as shown below.

Basic Facts

  • LCM and HCF are two important concepts in mathematics. LCM stands for the Lowest Common Multiple, which is the smallest number that can be divided by two or more given numbers.
  • HCF stands for the Highest Common Factor, which is the largest number that can be divided by two or more given numbers.
  • Prime factors are also an important concept in mathematics. Prime factors are those numbers which can only be divided by themselves and 1, and they play an important role in finding LCM and HCF of a given set of numbers.
  • Prime factors are used to break down a number into its constituent parts which are then used to calculate both LCM and HCF. Understanding how these concepts work is important for solving many mathematical questions and problems.

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