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Mortgage Calculator

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About The Calculator

A mortgage calculator is a handy tool to calculate how much you’ll need to borrow to buy a house. It’s also useful for home buyers who want to estimate the monthly mortgage payment or for anyone who needs a ballpark estimate. A mortgage calculator that can be used to find the monthly payment and the mortgage term.


Calculator Basics, Area of Square

  • The area of a square is the length of a side times the length of a side.

  • The area of a square is A = s*s.

  • The perimeter of a square is the sum total length around all four sides.

  • The perimeter of a square is P = 4*(s+s+s+s).

  • The diagonal of a square is the distance from one corner to an opposite corner.

  • The diagonal of a square is d = sqrt(2)*(s-s).


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