Percentage error calculator
Step by step worksheet, percentage error

Percentage error \[p\%=\left(\frac{error}{correct value} \right) \times 100 \% \]

percentage error calculator

percentage error calculator

A percentage error calculator is a calculator that allows you to input the measured value and the true value, and it calculates the percentage error for you with clear steps.
Solves percentage error using the formula below
percentage err formula


Enter the experimental value in the box marked "experimental"

step 2: Getting it right

Enter the original value in the box marked "original"


Hit the check mark to solve for percentage.

What is Percentage Error?

Percentage error is a measure of the accuracy of a measurement or calculation compared to the true or accepted value. It is calculated by taking the absolute difference between the measured value and the true value, dividing it by the true value, and then multiplying by 100 to express it as a percentage.

Formula for Percentage Error Using Percentage Error Calculator

Percentage Error = (Measured Value - True Value) / True Value * 100

Where measured value is the experimental value and the true value is the original value.


Worked Examples Using The Percentage Error Calculator

Example 1, when the error is negative

Suppose a student measures the length of a table to be 120 cm, but the actual length is known to be 125 cm. The percentage error can be calculated as follows:

Percentage Error = Measured Value - True Value/ True Value 100
 = 120 cm - 125 cm / 125 cm
 = -5 cm / 125 cm * 100
 = - 4%

Example 2

An experiment is conducted to determine the density of a liquid. The accepted value for the density is 1.2 g/mL, but the measured value obtained by the student is 1.3 g/mL.

The percentage error can be calculated as follows:

Measured Value - True Value / True Value 100
= (1.3 g/mL - 1.2 g/mL) / 1.2 g/mL 100
= 0.1 g/mL / 1.2 g/mL * 100
= 8.33%

Example 3

A scientist performs a calculation to determine the velocity of an object. The accepted value for the velocity is 50 m/s, but the calculated value obtained by the scientist is 45 m/s.


= Calculated Value - True Value / True Value 100
= (45 m/s - 50 m/s) / 50 m/s
= (5 m/s )/( 50 m/s) * 100
= 10%

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