Solve and generates simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, linear equations, inequalities and differential equations with step-by-step worksheet for free.

Equation Solver

Simultaneous Equation

Solve simultaneous equations of 2 unknowns and 3 unknowns variables.

Quadratic Equations

Solve any quadratic equations by factorization, completing the square and quadratic formula


Solve any logarithmic expressions

Differential Equations

Solve differential equation using quotient, product method and first principles.


Unit Conversion

Converts metric unit of acceleration, area, torque, electricity, energy and 100 more.

Currency Converter

Convert currency for more than 150 countries in real-time

Vector Geometry

Calculate unit vector, parallel vector, coplanar and non-coplanar, position vector, vector modulus

Graphical Solution

Plot and solve graphical problem in differentiation, integration, quadratic, quartic, linear and quadratic equation

Equation Generator

Simultaneous Equation

Quadratic Equations


Differential Equations


Number Sequence

Linear Equations

Partial Fractions

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