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A GST (Goods and Services Tax) tax calculator helps calculate the amount of GST to be paid or included in the price of goods or services. It takes into account the applicable GST rate and the price of the item.


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GST Rate In Canada (GST Tax Calculator)

In Canada, the GST rate is 5%, which is applied to most goods and services sold in the country. However, it's important to note that some provinces have their own provincial sales tax (PST) in addition to the GST.

Here are the GST rates for each province/territory in Canada:

  • Alberta: GST only (5%)

  • British Columbia: GST (5%) + PST (7%)

  • Manitoba: GST (5%) + PST (7%)

  • New Brunswick: GST (5%) + PST (15%)

  • Newfoundland and Labrador: GST (5%) + PST (15%)

  • Northwest Territories: GST only (5%)

  • Nova Scotia: GST (5%) + PST (15%)

  • Nunavut: GST only (5%)

  • Ontario: GST (5%) + Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) (13%)

  • Prince Edward Island: GST (5%) + PST (15%)

  • Quebec: GST (5%) + Quebec Sales Tax (QST) (9.975%)

  • Saskatchewan: GST (5%) + PST (6%)

  • Yukon: GST only (5%)

Please note that these rates are subject to change, and there may be exemptions or modifications based on specific goods or services.

To calculate the GST (Goods and Services Tax) in Canada, you can follow these steps:

Understanding GST Tax

  • Determine the GST rate: The GST rate in Canada is 5%.

  • Determine the base amount: Identify the price of the goods or services before tax.

  • Calculate the GST amount: Multiply the base amount by the GST rate (0.05 or 5%). This will give you the amount of GST to be paid.

  • Calculate the total amount including GST: Add the base amount and the GST amount together to get the total amount including GST.

Formula to Calculate Your GST Tax

  • GST amount = Base amount x GST rate

For example, let's say you have a purchase with a base amount of $100. To calculate the GST amount:

  • GST amount = $100 x 0.05 = $5

  • To calculate the total amount including GST:

  • Total amount including GST = $100 + $5 = $105

So, for a purchase of $100, the GST amount would be $5 and the total amount including GST would be $105.

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