Percentage Multiplication Calculator
Step by step worksheet, percentage multiplication

Solves percentage multiplier using \[\frac{a\times b}{100}=\frac{a}{100}\times\frac{b}{100} \]

percentage multiplication calculator

percentage multiplication calculator

Percentage multiplication calculator is a mathematical calculation tool used to calculate the increase or decrease in a value by a certain percentage.
Solves percentage multiplication using the formula below


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What is Percentage Multiplication?

It is a useful tool in various scenarios, such as calculating discounts, markups, or sales tax. To calculate the new value, the percentage is converted into a decimal and then multiplied by the original value.

Formula for Percentage Multiplication Using Percentage Multiplication Calculator

If the percentage is positive, the value will increase by that percentage, while a negative percentage will result in a decrease. The percentage multiplier provides a quick and efficient way to adjust values and is commonly used in finance, economics, and retail industries.


Worked Examples

Discount Calculation

Let's say you want to purchase a product that costs $100, but there is a 20% discount available.

To calculate the discounted price, you would multiply the original price by the discount percentage:

$100 x 20% = $20.

Hence, the discounted price would be $100 - $20 = $80.2.

Example 2, Tax Calculation

Suppose you are purchasing an item worth $200, and the sales tax rate is 8%. To find the amount of tax to be paid, you would multiply the purchase amount by the tax rate:

$200 x 8% = $16.

Therefore, the total cost including tax would be $200 + $16 = $216.3.

Example 3, Interest Calculation

Consider an investment of $5000 with an annual interest rate of 5%.

To determine the interest earned in one year, you would multiply the initial investment by the interest rate:

$5000 x 5% = $250.

Hence, the interest earned in a year would be $250.4

Example 4, Sales Commission Calculation

Suppose a salesperson has made sales worth $10,000, and their commission rate is 4%.

To find the commission earned, you would multiply the sales amount by the commission rate:

$10,000 x 4% = $400.

Therefore, the salesperson's commission would be $400.

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