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Solve Simultaneous Equations by Elimination Method


Eliminate variable y to solve for x in the given equations.

simultaneous equation solver step 1

Use the coefficients of y from Eq.1 and Eq.2 as a multiplier to eliminate the y variables. Then multiply equation 1 throughout by 7 and label it equation 3

2022 12 01 19h54 26

Multiply equation 1 throughout by 3 and label it equation 4

2022 12 01 19h55 07

Subtract Eq.4 from Eq.3
Equation (3) – Equation (4)

2022 12 01 19h55 16

Note:  When the sign of common coefficients are different, the two coefficients are added but if the common coefficients are of the same or of equal signs, the coefficients are substracted. In this case, 21y and 21y have same signs and coefficients and were substracted

2022 12 01 19h55 28

Divide through by the coefficient of x

2022 12 01 19h55 35

Now find the value of y where x = -25 using equation 2

2022 12 01 20h15 25

Substitute -25 for x in equation 2

2022 12 01 19h55 51

Divide throughout by the coefficient of y

2022 12 01 19h55 59

2022 12 01 20h21 15 1

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