Solve for X Calculator

About Solve for x Calculator

Solve for x calculator is a handy tool that is used to get the solutions of equations in linear, quadratic, fractional, cubic and quartic form assuming the expression is equal to zero and is a single variable. Learn how to use solve for x solver fast and quicker  to find the unknown variable of x.

How The Solve for x Works

Using The Calculator

  • Enter the expression assuming all the expression are arranged to the left hand side of the equation
  • Only one variable is allowed to used this calculator to work effectively and as efficient as it can be.
  • Hit the equal orange button to generate quick answer without steps but simple expansion if it contains a non-linear equation.

Inside the Calculator’s Brain

Solving Linear Equations

  • If you want to solve for any linear equations in this form 4/x = 2/5, rewrite the expression so that 2/5 is over to the left hand side like this  4/x – 2/5
  • If you are working with even a complex linear equation in this form 4(2x – 3)-2(x-4) = 3(x-3)-1, all you do is moved the expression after the equal sign (=) over to the left hand side, so it looks like this 4(2x – 3) -2(x-4) – 3(x-3)+1

Solving Quadratic Equations

  • You can any quadratic equations in any form without entering equal to zero. A quadratic equation with highest power of unknown quantity of 2 such as x ^2 – 3x +1 = 0 can be rewritten as x ^2 – 3x +1 where the conjunction operator sign ^ raises the power or index or variable x.
  • If you have x^2 – 4x = 0, rewrite as x^2 – 4x  to solve for x
  • If you have an equation in this form (x + 2)^2 = 16, rewrite as (x + 2)^2  – 16

Solving Cubic Equations

A quadratic equation with highest power of unknown quantity of 3 such as x ^3 – 3x^2 + 9x +1

  • Follow the same procedure to solve for x variable in any cubic equations

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