Converting Basic SI Units

Metric Engineering Units

Studying, or working, in an engineering discipline, you very quickly become familiar with the standard units of measurement, the prefixes used
and engineering notation.

How to use this quickie

Basic Units
Lengthmeter (m), inch (in), foot (ft), yard (yd), mile (mi), link (li), rod (rd), chain (ch), angstrom, mil
Surfacem2, sqin, sqft, sqyd, sqmi, sqrd, sqch, sqmil
Volumem3, litre (l, L, lt, liter), cc, cuin, cuft, cuyd, teaspoon, tablespoon
Liquid volumeminim (min), fluiddram (fldr), fluidounce (floz), gill (gi), cup (cp), pint (pt), quart (qt), gallon (gal), beerbarrel (bbl), oilbarrel (obl), hogshead, drop (gtt)
Anglesrad, deg, grad, cycle
Timesecond (s), seconds, minute (minutes), hour (h, hours), day (days)
Massgram(g), tonne, ton, grain (gr), dram(dr), ounce (oz), poundmass (lbm, lb, lbs), hundredweight (cwt), stick, stone
Electric currentampere (A)
Temperaturekelvin (K), celsius (degC), fahrenheit (degF), rankine (degR)
Amount of substancemole (mol)
Luminous intensitycandela (cd)
Forcenewton (N), dyne (dyn), poundforce (lbf)
Energyjoule (J), erg, Wh, BTU, electronvolt (eV)
Powerwatt (W), hp
PressurePa, psi, atm
Electricity and magnetismampere (A), coulomb (C), watt (W), volt (V), ohm, farad (F), weber (Wb), tesla (T), henry (H), siemens (S), electronvolt (eV)
Binarybit (b), byte (B)


Conversion Examples

Conversion of basic units from one to another

  • 100 meter to cm or 100 meter in cm
  • 1 teaspoon to tablespoon

Conversion of combination of length to another


  • m/s to km/h ,
  • 8 km/h in m/s
  • cm/s in m/s


  • m/s^2 to cm/s^2 ,
  • 10 km/h in m/s
  • cm/s^2  in m/s^2


  • kg/m^3 to g/m^3
  • 1.5 kg/m^3 to g/m^3


  • m^3 to litre
  • 2 litre in m^3

Liquid Volume

  • pint  to cup
  • 2 pint in cup

Time(second (s), seconds, minute (minutes), hour (h, hours), day (days) )

  • second to minute
  • s to m
  • hour to day
  • h to seconds
  • 2 m in hr

Angle (rad, deg, grad, cycle)

  • rad to deg
  • 2 deg in rad
  • 10 cycle in deg

Video Tutorial

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Step-by step combination worksheet.


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