Math Learning Videos

Kick start your math learning videos, simple to understand tutorials that help you to demonstrates thorough knowledge of mathematical content on algebra, advanced algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, matrices & determinants and complex numbers.


If you’re having difficulty solving logarithmic equations involving laws of logarithms and indicial equations, then this solution is for you. This method is simple and easy to follow, and it’ll help you solve the equation quickly and effectively!

In the end, you should be able to

  • define base, power, exponent and index
  • define logarithm
  • evaluate logarithms of any base
  • state the laws of logarithms
  • simplify logarithmic expression
  • solve indicial equations

Calculus 1

If you’re new to calculus and want to learn how to

  • differentiate from the first principles
  • differentiate using the general rule
  • differentiate sine and cosine functions
  • differentiate eax and In ax
  • differentiate common functions, product, quotients and successive differentiation

This video is for you! It shows you step by step how to find a solution  in the simplest possible way.

Complex Numbers

If you’re stuck on complex numbers, then this video is for you! We’ll show you a solution that works and is easy to understand. After watching this, you’ll be able to

  • solve a complex number
  • convert a Cartesian complex number into polar form, and vice-versa
  • state De Moivre’s theorem
  • calculate powers of complex numbers
  • state the exponential form of a complex numbers
  • convert polar form/Cartesian form into exponential form and vice-versa


A compilation of basic and advance algebra with many examples and step-by-step walk-through math fact on

  • basic arithmetic
  • fraction
  • decimals
  • percentages
  • ratios and proportion
  • logarithms and indices
  • simple linear equations
  • simultaneous equations
  • quadratic equations

Partial Fractions

If you’re looking for a quick solution to partial fractions, you need to watch these videos! We’ll teach you how to

  • resolve into partial fractions a fraction containing linear factors in the denominator
  • resolve into partial fractions a fraction containing repeated linear factors in the denominator
  • resolve into partial fractions a fraction containing quadratic factors in the denominator
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