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Algebra Calculator

Number sequences, simple sequence, the nth term of a series, arithmetic progression, geometric progression, combination and permutation

Areas & Volumes Calculator

Explore areas of common shapes calculator to solve circle and its properties, radians and degrees, arc length and area of circles and sectors, equation of a circle, linear and angular velocity, centripetal force

Trigonometry Calculator

Solve problems related to triangles, similar triangles, pythagoras, sine cosines and tangents, reciprocal rations, angle of elevation and depression, graphs of trigonometric functions, angle of any magnitude


Method of differentiation, differentiation of hyperbolic function, logarithmic differentiation, integration, standard integration, laplace transform, inverse laplace transform, centroids, root mean square, euler's method.

Statistics Calculator

Mean media and mode and standard deviation,probability, binomial and Poisson distributions, linear correlation coefficient, sampling distribution, linear regression calculator

Complex Number Calculator

You can solve complex number- cartesian complex numbers - addition and subtraction of complex - multiplication and division of complex numbers, De Moivre’s theorem - powers of complex numbers - Roots of complex numbers

Graphical Solution Calculator

Straight line graphs, gradients, intercept, equations of graphs, graphs with logarithmic scales, polar curves. Graphical solution of equations, graphical solution of simultaneous equations and quadratic equations.

Advance Algebra Calculators

Simple sequence, the nth term of of a series, arithmetic progression, geometric progression, combination and permutation, binomial series, hyperbolic functions, hyperbolic identities, series expansions for cosh and sinh.

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