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Logarithm, Rules , Base Power, Exponent and Index

What is a logarithm?

It is called the power or index in any logarithmic original expression

A logarithm is the same as the power or index in the expression and it is the base of the original expression that becomes the base of the logarithm. Watch the video to fully understand the relationship between the base, power or index or exponent whenever you are faced with logarithmic problems.

Evaluate the expression

logarithms example

Step 1

Interpret in simple term statement as the unknown x is the power or the exponent or also called an index, so 25 is the base of 125.

Step 2

Find the power of the unknown x as shown in the assignment below and take logarithms to base 10 of both sides of the expression, remember. Watch the full tutorial on mathcrave channel.

log, base, exponent

Step 3

Apply the law of logarithm where possible and simplify the expression above by dividing throughout by the coefficient of x

logarithmic expression

equations involving logarithms


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