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Inequalities AI Tutor

Mathcrave Inequalities AI is a cutting-edge technology that can help users tackle mathematical inequalities with ease. Inequality in math is comparisons between two values or expressions that use symbols like <, >, ≤, or ≥. For instance, 5 < 7 is an inequality that shows 5 is less than 7.

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About Mathcrave Inequalities AI Tutor

This type of Artificial Intelligence support uses a machine learning algorithm to build a mathematical model that can identify relationships between variables and solve any mathematical inequality, from linear to higher order equations. It can also provide hints and strategies to help users understand the underlying principles of equations, and its accuracy improves with time.

Inequalities Problem It Can Solve

  • define an inequality
  • state simple rules for inequalities
  • solve simple inequalities
  • solve inequalities involving a modulus
  • solve inequalities involving quotients
  • solve inequalities involving square functions
  • solve quadratic inequalities

Simple Rules of Inequalities You Should Know

1. If you add or subtract the same number from both sides of an inequality, the inequality remains true.

2. If you multiply or divide both sides of an inequality by a positive number, the inequality remains true.

3. If you multiply or divide both sides of an inequality by a negative number, the inequality is reversed.

4. When you multiply or divide by a variable, you need to consider whether the variable is positive or negative.


  • < , >   or 

Important Sample Queries for Best Result

Simple Inequality
Sample query: Solve the inequality: 12 9t 18 + t

Inequality involving modulus
Sample query: Solve inequalities involving a modulus |3x + 1| < 4, please no error

Adding and subtracting fraction
Sample query: Simplify 3/4 – 7/16



Mathcrave Equation Solver provides mathematical learning tools to help students establish a concrete understanding of problem-solving from grade school to university level for free.

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