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Fraction AI Tutor

Mathcrave Fraction AI Tutor helps you solve different types of fractions, including proper, improper, and mixed numbers. It teaches you how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions with step-by-step instructions. Additionally, it helps you understand the order of operations when working with fractions.

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Fraction AI Tutor Checklist

To obtain the solution for a word problem involving fractions, follow these steps:

1. State the problem clearly and be civil to get accurate response
2. Add the phrase “show me the step-by-step solution” to your question.

Simplify fractions without

To simplify fractions without showing the steps, utilize the phrase “solve this fraction” before posing your inquiries.

Simplify fractions with steps

To simplify fractions showing the steps, utilize the phrase “solve this fraction with step by step solution” before posing your inquiries.


  • Multiplication: Use (*) or (x)
  • Division: Use (/) or (÷ )

Sample Queries

Mixed to improper Fraction
Sample query: Change the mixed numbers into improper fractions 4 2/9

Word problem
Sample query: In a school there are 180 students of which 72 are girls. Express this as a fraction in its simplest form

Adding and subtracting fraction
Sample query: Simplify 3/4 – 7/16

Sample query: 1 3/5 * 2 1/3 * 3 3/7

Division of proper fractions
Sample query:  3/7 ÷ 8/21

Division of mixed numbers

Sample query: 5 3/5 ÷ 7 1/3

Order of precedence (BODMAS)
Sample query: Solve this using BODMAS 2 1/2 – (2/5 + 3/4) ÷ (5/8 * 2/3) no error please


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