Use this calculator to calculate fraction-multiplication, division, and simplify fractions with exponents.

Simplified Ways to Converting Decimal to Fraction

Converting decimals to fractions in a simplified ways make you love math even more and understanding the basics of how you can convert any decimal numbers to mixed or proper fraction is another plus. Watch this video to learn more.

Play Video about fractions

Comprehensive Algebra Tutorial

The videos contains the Algebra basics, the tricks and hacks you need to learn to perfect understandings of working with various problems on fraction, decimals, percentages, linear equation with one or more variables, quadratic equation, simultaneous equations and more.

Decimals Basics

Calculator is able to handle basic decimals; however, there will be sometimes when a quick calculation involving addition, subtraction, division and complex combination is needed and that is when you need this decimal tutorial to perfect  how to work with decimal numbers.