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Differentiation Calculator Step-by-step

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About The Calculator

Differentiation is the process of finding the rate of change of a function with respect to another variable. In calculus, differentiation is used to find the derivative of a function at a point.  The differentiation calculator equation solver allows you to enter a differential equation and find the derivative of the function with clear step-by-step worksheet. The calculus solver can be used to find the derivatives of functions that are not differentiable at a certain point. The calculator solves the differentiation of sum and difference step-by-step.

Basic of Differentiation of Functions

Differentiation of functions is the process of finding the derivative of a function. Derivatives are used in calculus to measure the rate of change of a function and can be used to solve problems involving acceleration, velocity and rate of change.

The steps in solving a differential equation of sum and difference are:

1. Identify the given expression as either a sum or difference.

2. Use the sums and differences rules for differentiation.

a. Sum Rule: If the expression is a sum, differentiate the individual terms and then add the results.

b. Difference Rule: If the expression is a difference, differentiate the individual terms and then subtract the results.

3. Use the appropriate differentiation rules for the individual terms of the expression.

4. Combine the individual results according to the sums and differences rules.

5. Simplify the expression.


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