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Area of Triangle Calculator, Circle, Sector and Trapezium with Steps

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About The Calculator

Area of triangle, area and circumference of a circle, sector and trapezium is made with a step by step area and volumes calculator, a simple but powerful calculator that compute with step. The tool also calculates the total surface area of frustum of a cone, area and perimeter of a rectangle, diagonal of a rectangle. The triangle calculator allows you to estimate areas and perimeters of triangles.

Triangle, Trapezium, Sector and Circle Basic Facts

  • The area of a triangle is the sum of the lengths of any two sides, multiplied by the length of the third side.

  • The area of a trapezium is calculated by adding together the areas of all four sides.

  • The area of a circle is calculated by multiplying pi (3.14) times its radius squared.

  • Sectors are just slices taken from an angle to form an arc or part of a circle.

  • The area of a triangle is equal to the length of any side multiplied by the length of the opposite side.

  • The curved surface area of a trapezium is equal to the sum of two parallel sides and two non-parallel sides.

  • The area of a circle is equal to π × radius².

  • The sector has an area which is equal to one half of pie divided by two.

  • Area of a triangle: Area of a triangle is the sum of the lengths of its three sides.

  • Area of a trapezium: The area of a trapezium is the sum of its two parallel sides.

  • Area of a circle: The area, or circumference, of a circle is given by π times the radius squared.

  • Sector: A sector has the same length as an arc on the circle but it does not have any length along the diameter.

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