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Angle Between 3 Points in Regular Polygon

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About The Calculator

Angle between 3 vertices  equation solver is used to calculate the angle between 3 points  in a n-sided regular polygon provided three vertices a, b and c are given and are subtended at vertex a1, a2 and a3

How The Angle Between 3 Points Calculator Works

Using The Calculator

  • Enter the value of the three vertices at point a, b and c
  • Enter the number of regular polygon sides
  • Hit the equal orange button to generate the worksheet.

Inside the Calculator’s Brain

  • Calculate the number of vertices between point a and b, and c
  • Find the angle subtended at the circumference
  • Determine the angle subtended by subtracting the sum of angles of a triangles (180 degrees) from the two subtended angles at the circumference



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